Large Retail Malls not only include hundreds of stores but often many also include movie theaters, numerous restaurants, music halls, hotels and outdoor settings to relax during a busy day of shopping. Providing robust cellular coverage in such massive facilities visited by millions of shoppers every year is not an easy feat. It is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge as more and more customers use their smartphones to enhance their shopping experience, share on social media while retailers and mall owners also are utilizing the same in-building wireless network for a variety of Applications to attract patrons and enhance their mobile experience.

More and more savvy retails are investing in the wireless experience by deploying DAS systems and robust Wi-Fi networks to meet consumer demand. These networks have to overcome many challenges in order to provide the sufficient connectivity shoppers enjoy, retailers expect and mall landlords guarantee. Mall landlords insist on powerful cellular communications throughout the mall because it provides a way to ensure seemly wireless coverage from outside to inside, keeps the public safe, and becomes a valuable tool in lease negotiations.

HALO has extensive experience working with Mall Owners and large retail venues to solve these issues.

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